I'm from Beijing China and I also have a clear and perspicacious understanding of the local retail businesses field. For the past 7 years I have worked in numerous companies, which gives me an understanding of business management. I have managed various retail businesses over the last 15 years in New Zealand. This includes: a kitchen factory, butcher's shop and other retail and service businesses. From these experiences, I have developed my business operating knowledge in planning, marketing and managing as well as business development and investment. I am proud to join the LINK North Shore Office. I am passionate about investigating businesses and I enjoy assisting people to achieve their business goals and dreams, whether it be selling or purchasing businesses. I am looking forward to sharing these experiences with LINK clients. I am fluent in both English and Mandarin. If you are selling or buying a business, contact Bryan for a professional service. Bryan (隋兵)2001年從來自中國北京來到美麗的新西蘭。在過去的7年裡經營過多種的生意,為自己積累了不少的經驗, 我希望通過自己的經商經驗為您提供專業,熱情的服務。