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Do you sleep for long periods of time and feel lethargic throughout the day?

Do you often drink alcohol, like sweets or greasy food?

Or do you feel your bowels are blocked and your body is swollen?

This is your body telling you that the food you eat is not being absorbed!

With age, eating disorders, stress and other problems, the body’s enzymes dramatically decrease. After the age of 30, the speed is accelerated. When the food you eat doesn’t have the enzymes to break it down and absorb it, it doesn’t matter how much nutrients you eat.

1. High concentration of enzyme contributes to high quality life

Amo Koso 77 contains 77 natural plant nutrients, with up to 20 beneficial bacteria and creative production process to help supplement the daily needs of nutrients while promoting the breakdown and absorption of nutrients. Provide natural fermentation energy for your daily beauty and health.

At 1,050 meters above sea level, the Natural Fermentation Research Institute is located in one of the few snow and ice areas in Japan, where the air and water are pure and clear. The low temperature environment with a lot of snow inhibited the breeding of miscellaneous bacteria. Strict 24-hour supervision and the use of stainless steel fermentation barrels further ensure the purity of the fermentation process.

Original paste texture of small packaging to avoid the addition of preservatives. Enjoy the immunity boost and antioxidant benefits of natural fermentation in sweet and sour fruit flavors.

2, precious ingredients added

a. Scientific studies have shown that fermented foods contain a variety of functional ingredients. In the fermentation process, the raw material under the action of bacteria produces functional components that are not present in the raw material.

b. Enzymes add a Chinese herbal medicine called Shinkiku on the basis of the traditionally recognized functional ingredients, so that the functions of the two are integrated, increasing the function of the product to promote digestion and antidiarrhea.

c. As a tonic drink widely consumed in Japan, the pricey Amazake has long been known as a luxury item for cooling off and rejuvenating in summer. Under the action of aspergillus, the rice in the sweet wine will contain protein and carbohydrate decomposition into glucose amino acids and peptides, and enhance its nourishing function.

d. Vinegar has been widely used as a condiment around the world, but recent studies have found that it is also effective in reducing visceral fat, blood lipids and preventing high blood pressure. These components in vinegar will also be further decomposed in the fermentation process, into a variety of amino acids and peptides more easily absorbed by the human body.

e. Vegetables contain a large amount of polyphenols, which are important nutrients for human daily needs. In addition, it has been realized that fermentation of vegetables with lactic acid bacteria can release the nutrients of vegetables to a greater extent. It also boosts its antioxidant properties, which is why kimchi is so popular in South Korea.

f. Although other tea elements, including tea, have molecular polyphenols, they can also be made into nutrient-rich polypeptides through fermentation and polymerization.

g. The protein content of enzymes is several or even ten times that of the plant fermented food produced by other companies. These proteins produce a large number of functional peptides through fermentation and decomposition, so that the products have more excellent nutritional supplement function.

3, scientific experiments to prove the magic effect

a. Cellular activation

Experiments have shown that spraying radish and habanero peppers with multi-fold dilution of Amo Koso 77 can achieve rapid, constant and uniform growth. It is proved that the product has a significant effect on promoting cell activation. At the same time, the radishes sprayed with the enzyme did not rot and discolour due to frost. Therefore, we can infer that Amo Koso 77 plays a role in protecting cells from damage.

b. Strong promotion of amino acid absorption

Mice were injected with an amino acid solution, then treated with Amo Koso 77 in one sample and fermented food from another company in the other. It was found that when absorption of Amo Koso 77 was 100%, the other fermented food was 40%.

It was proved that the effect of Amo Koso 77 on nutrient absorption was more than 60% higher than that of similar products. It has excellent repair effect on gastrointestinal weakness and aging.

c. Promoting effect on cell proliferation

The spleen cells of seven-week-old mice were cultured in petri dishes. One of the specimens was supplemented with Amo Koso 77 and compared with the spleen cell specimens without Amo Koso 77. Results The value-added rate of unadded spleen cells was 0, but the value-added rate of added spleen cells reached 100%, which was more than two times of that of early spleen cells.

These results suggest that Amo Koso 77 generally promotes cell activation (making them fresh) and helps cells recover from immune damage or fatigue.

4, at the same time to meet the needs of special groups

a. Effective for gastritis and gastric ulcer and relieve gastric bleeding

As we all know, the fast pace of life in today’s society brings people greater pressure of life, and excessive drug use and alcohol consumption also lead to a sharp increase in cases of acute gastritis or gastric ulcer. Scientific research shows that the inhibitory rate of Japanese traditional fermented food Amo Koso 77 on alcoholic gastritis is up to 66.9%, which is higher than that of the same type of drugs on the market. At the same time, other types of gastritis also have a very high inhibition rate. Long-term use can improve the body’s natural healing ability and promote the early healing of wounds.

Ulcer is one of the typical diseases in modern society. More and more patients suffer from peptic ulcer caused by stress, drugs and alcohol. Another group of experimental results showed that the gastric mucosa of rats treated with Amo Koso 77 had no obvious hemorrhagic ulcer, and the inhibition rate was as high as 82.6%. This result indicates that the product has a strong anti-ulcer effect. At the same time, as Amo Koso 77 has been recognized to contain enzymes that can fight oxidation, protect cells, promote wound healing and other pharmacological effects, its efficacy in fighting gastric mucosal defects has gradually been recognized by more and more people. It is a body supplement with strong stomach protection.

b. It is effective to slow down the rise of sugar and reduce the absorption of blood sugar

Experimental rats were provided with food particles and water, and the glucose rise curve of rats with or without Amo Koso 77 was compared. The results showed that the inhibition rate of Amo Koso 77 group reached 28%.

The experimental results show that the product has a great inhibitory effect on the rate of glucose rising. At the same time, the study also showed that the rats receiving Amo Koso 77 did not reach the maximum blood glucose, that is, the enzyme also played a role in suppressing blood glucose levels.

Therefore, taking Amo Koso 77 before meals every day is a good glycemic prevention measure, which can effectively prevent the rapid glycemic rate and the maximum intake of blood sugar.

c. It is effective against allergies

Allergic chemical mediators are known to release histamine when stimulated by allergens, which causes inflammation. Mast cells were extracted from the blood of rats, and the release amount of histamine of mast cells with or without adding Amo Koso 77 was compared, so as to determine the anti-sensitivity effect. It turned out that the group that did not use Amo Koso 77 released 80, while the group that did use Amo Koso 77 released 48.

Therefore, we can conclude that this product has a very strong inhibitory effect on histamine release. Customer surveys also show an improvement in users’ allergies. At the same time, the intestinal environment is a major factor in the prevention of allergy, and the intestinal cleansing effect of Amo Koso 77 also makes it outstand in the anti-allergy effect.


Since its launch in 2002, Amo Koso 77 has been favoured by domestic and foreign customers. Its unique antioxidant function is enzyme products in the patent. The excellent production process will release the nutrients of fermented products to a greater extent, so that it can play an excellent role in intestinal protection and human function repair. To reshape and maintain human health has a huge impact.

Amo Koso 77 has been used in the processing of Chinese herbal medicine, which has weakened the toxicity of aconite and improved its efficacy. In addition, ginger in this ancient method of processing has also produced new effects, in addition to the original anti-inflammatory and sweating effect, but also has the effect of preventing hyperthermia and vasodilation. The addition of Japanese chrysanthemum, sweet wine, vinegar and tea makes the enzyme on the basis of the original intestinal cleaning, but also adds the US-certified antioxidant and immune function.

Naoki Higashi, honorary professor of Tokyo University, is known as a huge treasure house of healthy nutrients.

Cover page:


Product Name:

Amo Koso 77


Fermented Botanical Food


Fermented botanical food(produced in Gifu,Japan (apple(Japan), barley, processed brown sugar, oligosaccharide syrup, (partially contain apple, peach, soybeans, yam, sesame, and walnut)



Expiration Date:

See bottom of package

How to store:

Store in a cool dark place. Away from high temperature, high humidity and direct sunlight.


Nihon Shizen Hakko Co., Ltd.

796-3, Mumaya, Shokawa-cho, Takayama-shi, Gifu


Nihon Shizen Hakko Chita Co., Ltd.

52-1, Oazausaka, azashimodoushigane, Agui-cho, Chita-gun, Aichi

* Fermented botanical food is manufactured by Nihon Shizen Hakko (Takayama City, Gifu Prefecture), and the final process is carried out by Nihon Shizen Hakko Chita.

Nutrition Facts: 1pack(per 3.6g)







Sodium chloride equivalent




Vitamin B6


Product Cautions and Storage Methods

  • Please consume as soon as possible after opening

  • Please refer to the ingredients carefully and don’t eat if you have any food allergies.

  • In rare cases, the product may not be suitable for your constitution or physical condition, in which case please discontinue use.

  • Please consult a doctor before use if you are undergoing treatment for a disease or pregnant or breastfeeding.

  • Please keep out of reach of infants.

  • The viscosity, acidity, etc. may be changed due to seasonal factors, but this will not affect the quality of the product, it is safe to eat.

  • Barley transportation facilities are also used for wheat.

  • Eating habits should be based on staple foods, main dishes, and side dishes, with a balance of meals.

  • The product may contain hard seeds or fibrous as the nature of the product.

There is no problem for the quality.

How to eat

As a health supplement, please take 1 ~ 2 packs per day.

Fermented Botanical Food


Barley, Blackish Rice, Reddish Rice, Adlay Job’s-tears, Proso Millet, Japanese millet, Foxtail Millet (7 types)

Large Grain fruits:

Apple, Chinese quince, Papaya, Japanese Persimmon (fruit), Peach, Pear, Fig (7 types)

Root vegetables:

Carrot, Garlic, Yacon, Lotus root, Onion, Ginger, Burdock, Turmeric, Threeleaf Arrowhead, Red Turnip, Japanese Radish, Scale of Lily (12 types)

Citrus fruits:

Citrus iyo, Satsuma Mandarin,Citrus, Kumquat (4 types)

Small Grain fruits:

Grape, Crimson glory vine, chocolate vine (fruit), prune, Common Jujube, silvervine, Japanese Plum, Strawberry, Plum, Loquat, blueberry, Apricot (fruit) (12 types)


Black Soybeans, Azuki Bean (2 types)

Fruit vegetables: Tomato, Pumpkin, Watermelon (3 types)

Leaf vegetables: Cabbage, Celery, Asparagus, Mulberry, Perilla (5 types)

Potatoes: Jersalem Artichoke, Purple Yam, Dioscoreae Rhizoma, Taro, Sweet potato

 (5 types)

Wild grass: Plantain, Chamomilla Recutita, Kumazasa, Dokudami, Dandelion

Japanese Mugwort (6 types)

Seaweed: Laminaria Japonica, Undaria Pinnatifida, Processed euchema seaweed,

Nemacystis Decipens (4 types)

Nuts: Black Sesame, Chestnuts, Walnut, Ginkgo (4 types)

Flower vegetables: Broccoli, Chrysanthemum (2 types)

Mushrooms: Hericium Erinaceum, Lentinus Edodes, Grifola Frondosa,

Auricularia Auricula-judae (4 types)


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1/66 Mariri Road, One Tree Hill 1051
Business hours: 8:30-17:00 (Monday to Friday)
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